Turning Dreams into Goals and Goals into Reality

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Have you ever had a dream? How about a dream that you made into a reality?

I’ve had a couple, and one of them came true last year.

When I was a university student studying Italian back in 2000, there was a picture of La Scala Opera House in Milan on page 10 (yes even remember the page number). Under it was a caption “La Scala – the oldest opera house in the world.” I decided then that it was a dream to go one day to the opening night performance (the most important night of the year.) But then I sort of forgot about it.

Ten years later, I remembered the dream and I decided to look into what it would take to turn the dream into reality (apparently 4 years, hundreds of webpage refreshes, one 3am alarm wakeup 5 minutes before tickets went on sale in 2012, and a significant financial investment to name just a few items.)

This video is the culmination of that 14-year old dream and it gets even better. The icing on the cake was that the opera I saw on that fateful night of December 6, 2014 was Fidelio. It’s the story of a seriously inspiring lady who dresses in drag in order to rescue her husband from prison. A truly fabulous plot line.

One of the most powerful comments that I ever heard about dreams becoming reality was from a (formerly) homeless man. He told me that it’s important to have dreams, because those dreams become goals, and those goals become a reality.

I would love to know what one of your dreams is. Declare it here in the comments and take your first step into turning your dream into reality!

Keep shining and never stop dreaming


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