Discovering the Regal Women of Cliveden

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Discovering the Regal Women of Cliveden

I love visiting castles and country estates.  Fortunately for me, the UK has a plethora of them.  But with so many to choose from, how do I decide where to go?  Simple.  I look for the most inspirational female stories.

Want to visit a medieval castle owned by six queens and renovated by an Anglo-American heiress in the 20th Century?  Try Leeds Castle.  Want to explore the life of the “real” Anne Boleyn?  Visit her childhood home of Hever Castle.  How about visiting Jane Austen’s inspiration for Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice built by the self-made woman Bess of Hardwick, second richest woman after Queen Elizabeth I?  Look no further than Chatsworth.

Leeds Castle, Hever Castle, and Chatsworth are all major tourist attractions in the UK so they are your first ports of call to experience some truly fantastic feminine energy.  Then there are the more subtle and less famous country estates which can also yield some hidden gems.  I felt like I’d struct gold when I visited Cliveden, the former residence of Lady Nancy Astor (the first woman to sit in British Parliament, and an American to boot!)  I discovered a long line of elegant women in charge of Cliveden.  There’s even a name for the female role of governing a large estate.  It’s called “Chatelaine.”

In this video I visited Cliveden to bring you all of the amazing stories of the women who were chatelaine of the historic property.  It was really inspiring to feel the strong female energy of the place as well as see with my own eyes how the regal women helped shape the property.  Symbols of the female presence are rampant throughout.  I always feel rejuvenated, more alive, excited for the future after such a visit.

Where are the places that you go to to find inspiration?  I would love to hear from you what you think?

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