My Favourite Queen

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My Favourite Queen

There are so many inspiring stories of royal women.  It’s hard for me to pick a favourite.  But that’s exactly what I was asked to do in this interview.

Up against the wall, I picked Queen Elizabeth I of England.  In short, her life reads like a Hollywood Horror Cinderella story.  Mother judiciously murdered by father.  Cast out of society.  Survives many likely attempts on her life.  Holds onto role of Queen Regnant for over 40 years.  Defeats Spanish Armada.  And most importantly, keeps all of her power to herself by never marrying.  They call her reign England’s Golden Age.

Queen Elizabeth I made all of those accomplishments over 400 years ago when the notion of a woman ruling was a lot more bizarre than it is today.  Not even Margaret Thatcher could hold on to her elected throne in the early 1990s when her male cabinet effectively staged a coup.

If you had to pick one woman who has inspired you the most in your life, who would you pick and why?

Keep shining and never stop dreaming


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