I believe that every woman is born a princess. And every woman has the ability to become a queen; a queen of her life, her community, her work, her family, and the world. What does it mean to be a queen? I’m not talking about swanning around in ballgowns and living a life of idleness and privilege while doing nothing to give back to society. I mean just the opposite in fact. A queen is a regal woman, benevolent, kind, who puts others first, and always acts with the highest level of integrity for she knows that she is blessed. And she counts her blessings every single day. Once upon a time, royal women were believed to be divine; put here on God’s earth to fulfil a higher purpose than just acquiring a closet full of Manolo Blahniks.

I believe that we were all put here at this time and place to do something truly remarkable. I believe that we all have a destiny. And I believe that we have the power to shape our own destiny if we only keep our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds open. Sometimes I feel alone in these beliefs and it makes me sad. When I look around these beliefs seem rare in certain contexts, and downright subversive others. And it took me most of my lifetime to arrive at these conclusions.

I certainly had a promising start in life –  a pastoral upbringing in Maine, USA. I grew up studying ballet and I was encouraged to push myself to achieve great things (like go to a good university and get a good job). However, by the time I was 18, I had hung up my pointe shoes and started living someone else’s life. I started living the life that I thought other people expected me to live. The life of my family, my friends, and my teachers.

I arrived in New York City in 1998 feeling like a country bumpkin starting university.  But my life changed irrevocably when I studied abroad in France and Italy. My horizons were completely smashed (in a good way.) And a new dream was born – a dream had to return to live and work (legally) in Europe after graduation.

My new dream became a reality in 2003 when the company that I was working for,  Bloomberg, offered me a position running their international call centre in London. It was the best job ever really. I got paid to be me. Like other artists or sportswomen, who peak at a young age, I thought I was set for life, that the whole rest of my career I would be doing noble and inspiring work motivating, developing, and leading talented employees. Then the next 12 years happened.

I woke up aged 35, looked around the corporate office and not only did I not recognise the landscape, I didn’t recognise myself either. I was miserable, burnt out, a shadow of my younger more optimistic self. But on paper, it all looked great. I had a string of increasingly more senior human resources positions in Financial Services on the resume. And the latest was the top HR job for a restaurant group. So why was I crying every day on my luxury Caribbean vacation? This should have been IT. But it wasn’t.

Then I was fortunate enough to meet a very wise woman. I’ll call her guru. We all need a few gurus (teachers) in our lives. “I just want to take women to castles and help them unlock their inner-royal selves” I wailed over Skype to her between Miami and Mexico. “Great idea!” She replied. “That could totally be a 6-figure business. You should do it.” Stop. The. Presses. What?! And that was the moment. That was the moment that I knew something had to change. It wasn’t about the money. It was the fact that someone I respected, admired, and had a proven track record in a similar field was validating the possibility of my dream becoming reality. I’m not advocating throwing caution to the wind and blindly jumping into the abyss without a safety net, but sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction. That was the moment that my dream turned into a goal.

I founded Eventful Travel in 2014 and quit the corporate rat race the following year. Eventful Travel is a company dedicated to taking regal women like you on trips to English castles. The travel experiences are one part storytelling, one part inspiration, one part self-development, and a whole lot of soul. I also wrote a series of castle tour guides for women called Castles and Countesses. By looking at the women of our past, we can shape ourselves into the powerful women of our future.

I’ve always been an avid student. A history student, a people student, a life student. I don’t profess to be an expert in anything because what’s the point in pretending you know everything? I prefer to think myself as a leading learner. I want to share my knowledge, experience and beliefs so that I can help you become the queen that I know you are.

There is no better time than today to be a queen. And never has the world needed our special gifts more. I invite you to share in the journey to queenship. To me queenship is synonymous with enlightenment.

Keep shining and never stop dreaming.


Heart and soul is a part of everything that I do. Which is why ancient texts and yogic scripture underpin almost everything.