Imagine walking down a long flower petal-laden red carpet towards your destiny. You are dressed in the finest of fabrics, there are butterflies in your stomach, and you’re so excited that you feel as though your heart might explode Your path is lined with a sea of shining faces, some of whom you recognise – your friends and family, work colleagues, leaders in your industry, leaders in your government, and a lot of people that you don’t know, yet you have touched all of their lives immensely. This moment is the culmination of your life so far, but it is also a rebirth. This is your coronation. You are officially becoming a queen

How did you get here? And what does it take to become a queen? Probably as much as you think it does, and more. And no woman can do it alone.  Like the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child,” so it takes a village to make a queen.  Don’t worry if you feel alone. It’s scary embracing the greatness inside of you.  But we’re in this together. And to help us on our path, I created the Coronation Empowerment System™.

Cleanse: Queens in health: Your body is the vehicle of your divine self. Give yourself the royal treatment by cleansing it from the inside and out. Sign up to become an Arbonne Preferred Customer today for £17 and save 20% on products for the next 12 months.

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Relate and Purpose: Queens in business:

Explore your passions, leverage your talents, and earn income to run your royal household, or give back to the causes that are important to you. Become an Arbonne consultant today for only £56. As part of my queendom, you will get one to one coaching from me and be part of a fabulous court of amazing princesspreneurs.

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Dynamic Queens – Which type of queen are you? Wondering what you can do to get started to become a queen of your life? Take the Talent Dynamics test to find out your natural path to flow, or the Wealth Dynamics test to find out your natural path to wealth. Every queen needs to find her natural flow and attract wealth into her queendom. Free test and 1/2 hour consultation with me (worth £150.) Sign up now and save money.

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Queens transforming the world – GIFEW

My personal regal journey started this year when I joined the Constellation Mentoring program run by the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). To say that it has been life-changing, game-changing, self-changing is the understatement of the century. Bea, Monika, and Tatiana are the holy trinity of self-expressed women committed to transforming the feminine and the world. From a dark place of self-doubt, fear, and self-loathing, I am finally starting to walk towards the light and shine it back on others. Namaste my regal gurus.

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Queens on Progress in the UK. Castles and Countesses Tour Guides: Explore the lives…

Explore the lives of historic queens by visiting their castles and homes. Tour guides available on Amazon. Click on a book cover below to view the book in amazon.

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